Thursday, May 14, 2009

What is the Bella Club?!

Ok, we've had a few questions as to exactly WHAT the bella club is! Here's the downlow...

First and foremost... it's going to be a LOT of fun!

There are different options. You can "pay as you play" and pay monthly for $10 a month. You can pay $60 for the whole year (which makes it only $5 a month!) or you can pay $45 for 6 months making it only 7.50 a month.

Ok, so why would you join this club that you may to be in? No, you are not just buying your friends! :)

Bella Bundles! Each month we will have a new Bella Bundle. The bundle is a collection of different neato bella stuff (like a stamp, some embellies, etc) and the club members get this at 35% off retail price!

Free Shipping - all club members get free shipping on their bella merchandise if they dont live local or can't come by to pick it up from the store, Funkie Munkie Scraps.

Free Class (or kit). For those that live local, you can come to our club meeting/class absolutely free. For those that don't live local, we will miss you, but the kit from the class will be mailed to you free of charge. The kit will include the materials used, but no stamps. Just the images stamped out for you.

Discounts: Local members will get 20% off all bella merchandise (stamps and embella-ishments). Non local members will have 2 days to email their orders to Stephanie at Funkie Munkie Scraps.

New Release Orders: When Funkie Munkie places and order, that means you can order with them! Funkie Munkie Scraps places an order with every new release, which means you'll get to order right away! Discounts will vary with these special orders.

Contests and Challenges! Now some challenges, contests and blog candies (like the blog candy going on right now!) are open to anyone who follows our blog. But some will only be open to club members! These will probably not be advertised on the blog as to not cause confusion, but all contests and challenges will also be emailed to you. And LOTS of these contests and challenges will have fabuloso prizes involved with them.

Are your eyes bugging out with all the information or is your mouth just watering with bella excitement!?!

So THAT my dear bella-friends, is what the club is all about! :)

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