Sunday, May 31, 2009


May we have a drum roll please? ........................SouthernBella was incredibly happy that 285 viewers voted on our very first Featurebella contest! We are pleased as punch to announce the winner, Contestant #2! Congrats! #2, please contact me via email at asap! (Look for the July Featurebella contest very soon) Once again, please oogle at the beautiful entry, voted on by our viewers:

Wowzers! What a great looking card! Thank you to all participants, and we look forward to hosting our Featurebella contest for JULY 2009 very soon!

And, what fab blog candy we have here to our winner, ANDREA MURDOCK! Andrea, please contact me ASAP via email at so that I may obtain your address, etc. and send you your goodies! Thanks to all who played along - keep looking for more great candy here on SouthernBellaFMS!

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Happy Saturday everyone!! We wanted everyone to know that today at 10:00 CST there is a blog hop sponsored by SCS and StampingBella! The hop features KETTO creations by over 45 people. Just click HERE and you can start the hop. Be sure to share the love with the sistahs for their beautiful creations!

If you would like to vote for the Featurebella contestants, please scroll down just a bit and you will see the instructions and the entries. The winner will be announced Sunday, May 31st, 2009 at 10:00 PM CST! We have been overwhelmed by the great response for this contest - look for many more to come!

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Yesterday, Emily of Stamping Bella announced that she had teamed up with Quickutz and produced a Stamping Bella Die Cut Image! Whoo-Hoo! Wanna see her? Just click HERE! Can you imagine all the kewl things we are going to be able to create with her?

And here's the NEWSFLASH: Club Members can order this new BRAND NEW die cut for 15% off! Regularly $34.99 plus shipping, you can have this for only $29.75 and FREE SHIPPING! Yep, see why it pays to be in the Southernbellafms club? Now that is a deal! How do you join the Southernbella Club? Just click HERE and start your savings on these wonderful pieces of rubbah!

Oh, and by the way - the BLOG CANDY is still up for grabs - just click HERE!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

YOUR VOTE COUNTS!!!!! Featurebella Contest Begins!

Hello Everyone!

I'm very pleased to announce the contestants of our very first Featurebella contest! We are using this format because not all of our club members have a blog. So, in the interest of fairness, we will show the contestants via slideshow. After viewing, please scroll all the way down the page and vote for your favorite on our viewer poll. The winner will be announced May 31. Only one vote per person, please. Good Luck to all the contestants, and thank you all for entering! Thanks for voting! Lots to come on the Southernbellafms site!

Your hostess,



To kick off the Southernbella Club (for the scores of fans who love StampingBella Rubbah Stamps), we're giving away Bellarific Blog Candy!!!! That's right, all of this can be YOURS to decorate your fabulous Stamping Bella Creations, and it's so very easy! Over $200 retail product can be yours for FREE! Our Club, which we personally invite you to join, is gonna be soooooo much fun!!!! Monthly blog candy, contests, and projects along with some great copic ideas, paper stash and bling bling giveaways, and the best part? Club members will get to take advantage of the monthly Bella Bundle, which will include 3-4 Bella Stamps/Items, at 35% off retail price!!!!

Just look in the next post below for info - you still have until May 17th to join to receive the discount for this month!!!! Pay as you play, 6 month, and 12 month memberships are available - talk about convenience! Details are listed in the post below - just scroll down a bit, and you'll get all the details! You may join in the club at any time.

Oh and did I almost forget the BEST part? You'll receive 21 Bella stamped images with all of this candy! Yes, you read it right - 7 images stamped 3 times, and also 2 FREE BELLA STAMPS!

However, you don't have to be a club member to win the FABO items above - Just do the following:
1. Click the link on the right and follow our blog, AND
2. Enter your e-mail address in the e-mail link. You'll get occasional emails from us alerting you of candy, contests, new stampingbella releases, etc. We PROMISE this is only for our use and we will not share your address with anyone!

That's IT! Easy Peasy! WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED MAY 31, 2009. Enter NOW to win Heidi Swapp, Autumn Leaves, DCWV, Tim Holtz, Prima, and MORE great items to enhance your cardmaking and papercrafting!

We are now accepting submissions for our very first one, to be announced on June 30th, 2009! First, the goodies........

1. If you are chosen as our very first Featurebella, we'll provide a link to your blog showcasing YOU! Don't have a blog? No worries. We'll still make sure you get your due recognition on StampingbellaFMS Blog! Receive a Bag of Bella Goodies from our sponsor, Funkie Munkie Scraps!
3. You'll be one of the foremost Bellas on the Block!
4. Receive one month FREE Southernbella Club Membership!
5. If you win the featurebella of the month, you'll automatically be entered in the "Qweenabella" of the Year contest!
6. (It's a surprise what you win if you're named Qweenabella, but I CAN tell you it does involve a crown and all accessories necessory for our "Qween"!) I mean seriously - what Bella doesn't love a beauty pageant atmosphere AND Stampingbella stamps? Heaven!

Send a photo of one of your favorite Stampingbella creations in jpeg format via email to There are no limits! Send anything you want, just as long as it's from the StampingBella line of stamps! Kettos, Turtle tots, Bellas, and any other stamps they carry are just fine to submit - after all, that's what makes Bellas so appealing - so many choices! Make a card creation, papercraft project, gift bag, anything you want! The first featurebella contest is a "Bella free for all"! Future monthly contests may be narrowed to a specific collection.

So, get stampin' and put that creative hat on! All entries must be received no later than 10:00 PM May 26, 2009. Viting will begin at 10:01 PM May 26 and will conclude at 10:00 PM May 31. Winner will be announced on June 1st! Woo-Hoo! Good luck and MWAH! What have you got to lose? um.....NADA! What have you got to gain? Exposure, a chance to win a fab crown, free get stampin'!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


We are now officially taking entries for the June 2009 Featurebella contest!

*****You do NOT have to be a member of the Southernbella Club to Enter****
This contest is open to ANYONE!

Now, the good stuff!
1. A special prize of Stampingbella items from Funkie Munkie Scraps!
2. EXPOSURE! What Bella doesn't love her name in lights? For the entire month of June, you will be featured on our site and INTERVIEWED by us for a special feature on you and your work! (Don't you already feel like a celebrity?)
3. The winner will receive an automatic entry in our QWEENABELLA contest in May of 2010 for the GRAND PRIZE (and a crown, and other fun stuff)
4. You will also receive ONE MONTH FREE in the Southernbella Club, making you able to take advantage of our discounts and bella bundles at up to 35% off retail price!
(HINT: If you're already a member of the club, you'll win $10 in Funkie Munkie Bucks!)

1. This month it is a Bella "FREE-FOR-ALL", meaning that you may create a card from ANY of the StampingBella line (including but not limited to Kettos, StampingBella, Hug-A-Bugs, Turtle Tots, etc.)
2. Send an image of your card, ALONG WITH YOUR "BELLA NAME" (which you can create - anything with bella on the end - mine is BamaBella) in JPEG format to the following address:

and then e-mail all of your friends and tell them to vote for your entry!

DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES IS 10:00 PM on May 26, 2009. You may send your entry in at any time up until the deadline.
Winner will be chosen by Southernbella viewers via poll.
Voting will begin at 10:01 PM on May 26, 2009 and end at 10:00 PM May 31, 2009.

Questions? Email me at

P.S.......Don't forget to scroll down and look at the cool Blog Candy up for grabs!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

What is the Bella Club?!

Ok, we've had a few questions as to exactly WHAT the bella club is! Here's the downlow...

First and foremost... it's going to be a LOT of fun!

There are different options. You can "pay as you play" and pay monthly for $10 a month. You can pay $60 for the whole year (which makes it only $5 a month!) or you can pay $45 for 6 months making it only 7.50 a month.

Ok, so why would you join this club that you may to be in? No, you are not just buying your friends! :)

Bella Bundles! Each month we will have a new Bella Bundle. The bundle is a collection of different neato bella stuff (like a stamp, some embellies, etc) and the club members get this at 35% off retail price!

Free Shipping - all club members get free shipping on their bella merchandise if they dont live local or can't come by to pick it up from the store, Funkie Munkie Scraps.

Free Class (or kit). For those that live local, you can come to our club meeting/class absolutely free. For those that don't live local, we will miss you, but the kit from the class will be mailed to you free of charge. The kit will include the materials used, but no stamps. Just the images stamped out for you.

Discounts: Local members will get 20% off all bella merchandise (stamps and embella-ishments). Non local members will have 2 days to email their orders to Stephanie at Funkie Munkie Scraps.

New Release Orders: When Funkie Munkie places and order, that means you can order with them! Funkie Munkie Scraps places an order with every new release, which means you'll get to order right away! Discounts will vary with these special orders.

Contests and Challenges! Now some challenges, contests and blog candies (like the blog candy going on right now!) are open to anyone who follows our blog. But some will only be open to club members! These will probably not be advertised on the blog as to not cause confusion, but all contests and challenges will also be emailed to you. And LOTS of these contests and challenges will have fabuloso prizes involved with them.

Are your eyes bugging out with all the information or is your mouth just watering with bella excitement!?!

So THAT my dear bella-friends, is what the club is all about! :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Some Bellas 4-U!

Don't forget - Blog Candy, Featurebella Info, and Club Info Below!

Friday, May 8, 2009


ALL CLUB MEMBERS.........Get this fabulous Bella Bundle NOW through May 17th for ONLY $17.50!!! That's right - see how it pays to join the Bella Club?:) You'll get: (1) Content-to-be-a-Bella Stamp (regularly $10.99)
(2) One box of doughnuts (regular price $5.99) in the Color SKY BLUE
(3) One box of Bella dots (regular price $5.99) in the color CRACKLE PINK
(4) One sentiment stamp - "A Girl Should be Two Things - Classy and Fabulous" - Coco Channel (regularly $3.99)Total Regular Retail Price for Above Items is $26.96


Orders for the above bundle will only be for Southernbella Club Members NOW THROUGH May 17th, 2009. Not a member? Not a problem!
How do I join Southernbellafms to take advantage of these fabulous deals monthly?
1. Just email me at or
2. Click the following link and hop on over to Funkie Munkie Scraps, click on the clubs button to sign up for the SouthernBellaFMS Club! The longer your membership, the more you save!!!!

Bellas, all bundle orders must be received BEFORE May 17, 2009.
Our goal is for everyone to receive their bundle with your FREE SHIPPING before May 31, 2009. Orders will be shipped in the order they are received.

1. Join the Southernbellas Online Club. ONLY club members will be allowed to take advantage of monthly specials and some of the contests with FABULOUS Bella Prizes!!! Just go to here:, click on the clubs tab and view the options for membership. If you are already a member, you may email me (Bamabella) at Already a member and want to order the bundle?
Call Funkie Munkie Scraps TOLL FREE at 1-864-288-9400. Stephanie or Lisa will be glad to take your order. OR..................
Email your order to me at along with your contact telephone number and I will contact you asap! OR..................
Email Funkie Munkie at along with your contact telephone number and they will be in touch about your order asap!It's so easy, and the benefits are really great if you love StampingBella like we do!
Labels: Bella Bundle Info

Sneekie Peekie!!!!

Oh fellow bellas, what fun we will have on National Scrapbooking Day, May 2nd!!! I will be at Funkie Munkie Scraps in Greenville, SC from 9AM-9PM doing the cutest bella sampler you've ever seen! If you have joined the Southernbella Club online at, we'll mail you the sampler FREE! Oh, and did I mention that everything in the store is a whopping 25% off that entire day? Yep, Yep! Grand savings for a grand day! This also includes all sale merchandise!

Here's a sneekie peekie at the sampler I will be doing:

Is this not the cutest sampler evah? What a precious gift or wall hanging for your scrap room!!!!

I also have information that if you want to shop at the Funkie Munkie from 12:30-1:30, just call Stephanie and for only $6 she will order you a delecious LUNCH that you can munch on while you craft and shop! Now that's what I call super-duper service!!!! So call the Funkie Munkie at 864-288-9400 to sign up for the clubs, pre-order your delicious lunch or just to say "hi"!

And did I mention the PREVIEW party Friday, May 1st? I will tell you, if you can't come shop on Saturday come Friday night, as we will have make and take stations EVERYWHERE! Whoo Hoo Sistahs! The Funkie Munkie is going ALL OUT for this weekend-long event! I can't wait! Don't forget to register for the BLOG CANDY below! MWAH for now!

The Incredible Katie Cotton

There is a South Carolina gal who I just adore and admire. Her name is Katie Cotton and she is so extremely talented that it makes my mind swirl! She is a member of the Funkie Munkie Scraps design team, and is a certified copic designer. Originally from California, she also has her own stamp line, Paper Makeup Stamps (check them out - they're fab!) and it just happens that she is a Bella Fan!!!! Today I am featuring her Bella work for everyone to gawk at - Amazing, huh? So, sit back with a bella beverage of your choice, soak in the lusciousness of Katie's work, and then hop on over to her site to have a looksie! Thanks Katie - you are awesome!

P.S..... Don't forget to register for BLOG CANDY and to vote for our first Southernbella Challenge below! Scrumptious bella candy is up for grabs!!!!

AND THE WINNER IS..............

Jan J come on down! You've won the very first blog candy at FMS Southernbella! Please email me at within 24 hours with your full name and address and we'll get your goodies right out to ya! Congrats and MWAH! (NOTE: If prize is not claimed by 9:30 PM Tues. I will re-draw)